Specific activities

Industrial partnerships

You need a proactive player in the maintenance field, capable of providing professional solutions to specific problems concerning maintenance, repairs, improvements and equipment upgrades.

Net-Wind has forged partnerships with constructors and manufacturers to provide the best technical and commercial offers, as well as the responsiveness required for your operations.

Specific activities

Thanks to our technicians’ training, ability and adaptability, we can also provide a range of specific works including:

  • Difficult to access works (inspection, cleaning, repairs and paintwork on the towers), carried out using our own aerial lift baskets.
  • Inspection of blades, local repair, removal and repair on the ground or transportation to the factory.
  • Gearbox and hydraulic unit oil changes using an adapted workshop truck (heated tanks, insulated cabin, pump with a 120-metre discharge head, oil sampling and analysis, recycling system).
  • Analysis and installation of aircraft warning lights, vibration control systems.
  • Operations on HVA network (delivery post, HVA table), LV table.

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