A wind farm maintenance pure player

A global player

Net-Wind is a maintenance service and engineering company able to operate on the entire value chain, from design to operations, of wind turbines throughout their lifespan. As a small business with French capital, we contribute to the competitiveness and strengthening of the sector in our country, as well as the creation of sustainable jobs. Technicians and engineers joining Net-Wind in its first three years have turned it into a not-to-be-missed company for the wind energy industry.


Net-Wind is a partner in the collaborative project HYPERWIND, labeled by the FUI (Unique Interministerial Fund) for the development of a system for global and simultaneous monitoring of all components of a wind turbine. The target market is that of prevention, supervision and maintenance optimization of offshore and onshore wind farms.

Other project partners: Astrium (Space Transportation Division) MeteoDyn, Nantes Atlantique Computing Laboratory (UMR CNRS 6241), Ecole des Mines de Nantes - Research Institute for Communication and Cybernetics of Nantes (UMR CNRS 6597)

Close to its customers

Net-Wind operates in France and the nearby countries through a network of 4 regional offices. Each office has a team of skilled technicians and engineers, specialized in wind energy. All agencies have dedicated materials and tools (aerial lift, hydraulic wrenches, etc.) and technicians enabling us to act independently, within timeframes compatible with the operational needs of our customers. Additionally a technical support team, based at the headquarters of La Chevrolière (Nantes) and Maubeuge engineering agency, is backing the onsite teams.